Track Uniforms

April 17th, 2014

Please have your daughter turn in their track uniforms on Monday.

Have a great EASTER!

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April 10th, 2014

Tennis has started as of yesterday.  Practice is after school from 3:30 ~ 5:00.  There is a tournament this Saturday at Kilgore starting at 8:00am and will last all day.

All players will need to furnish their own rackets.  Students need to wear tennis shoes and shorts/wind pants to practice.  NO JEANS, NO SLIP-ON SHOES OR FLIP-FLOPS.

Bring water/Gatorade to practice.  Please pick up your daughter at the tennis courts.   j

If there are any questions please contact Coach Cloud at 903-452-5830.


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District Track Pictures

April 9th, 2014

IMG_5919 IMG_5922 IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5925 IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5929 IMG_5933 IMG_5934 IMG_5935 IMG_5937 IMG_5942 IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5945 IMG_5948 IMG_5949 IMG_5950 IMG_5951 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5956 IMG_5957 IMG_5961 IMG_5962 IMG_5964 IMG_5965 IMG_5967

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Track Pictures

April 9th, 2014

IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5763 IMG_5765 IMG_5768 IMG_5769 IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5777 IMG_5778 IMG_5779 IMG_5780 IMG_5782 IMG_5783 IMG_5784 IMG_5786 IMG_5788 IMG_5789 IMG_5790 IMG_5791 IMG_5793 IMG_5794 IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5809 IMG_5811 IMG_5812 IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5816 IMG_5817 IMG_5818 IMG_5820 IMG_5821 IMG_5823 IMG_5824 IMG_5826 IMG_5828 IMG_5831 IMG_5833 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5839 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5843 IMG_5844 IMG_5845 IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5852 IMG_5854 IMG_5856 IMG_5860 IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863 IMG_5867 IMG_5869 IMG_5870 IMG_5872 IMG_5873 IMG_5875 IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5880 IMG_5881 IMG_5883 IMG_5885 IMG_5888 IMG_5892 IMG_5893 IMG_5899

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District Track Results

April 9th, 2014

District Track 2014

Tatum 1st with 157, Union Grove 2nd with 153 and White Oak 3rd with 150

Discus ~ 2nd ~ Morgan-Taylor with a throw of 80’3.5”

Shot ~ 2nd ~ Emma Rolland with a throw of 30’11.25” (PR)

Pole Vault ~ 1st Kyla Weeks with 7′

                       2nd Kate Pullen with 7′

                       3rd Alyia Hall with 6’6”

Long Jump ~ 5th Taylor Self with 13’6.5” (PR)

                       6th Brooklyn Noll with 13’6”

High Jump ~ Tie for 3rd Sabrina Smith with 4’2”

                        6th Cayman Sutton with 4’2”

Triple Jump ~ 4th Sabrina Smith with 30’10.75” 

                       6th Brooklyn Noll with 27’3.25”

2400 M Run ~ 1st Shaynee Tyl with 10:26

                           4th Sydney Simpson with 11:45

400 M Relay ~ 2nd with a time of 55.06

Brooklyn Noll, Sabrina Smith, Lacey Maness, Taylor Self

800 M Run ~ 5th Luisa Soto with 3:05.76 and

                           6th Jaylen Lewis with 3:05.92

100 Hurdles ~ 4th Katie Warren with 19.34 (PR)

800 M Relay ~ 1st Place with a new Team Record of 1:56.12

Brooklyn Noll, Sabrina Smith, Victoria Babineaux, Taylor Self

400 M Run ~ 4th Shaynee Tyl with 74.21

300 M Hurdles ~ 4th Katie Warren with 59.84,

                                5th Jaylen Lewis with 60.15 (PR) 

                               6th Shea Vandergriff with 63.65

200 M Run ~ 3rd Victoria Babineaux with 28.6 (PR)

1200 M Run ~ 2nd Shaynee Tyl with 4:40 (PR)

                          5th Sydney Simpson with 5:08 (PR)

1600 M Relay ~ 3rd with a new Team Record of 4:31.87

Brooklyn Noll, Sabrina Smith, Victoria Babineaux, Taylor Self

I am so proud of the girls!  It was a tough meet.  Many had Personal Records and still did not place!  It was a great season and I look forward to seeing each of them next year on the High School Track Team!

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District Track Meet ~ Tuesday

April 8th, 2014

Our District Track meet will be tomorrow at Union Grove.  WE WILL LEAVE AT 2:45.  If parents want to bring snacks or anything else please meet your daughter at the gym no later then 2:30.  Our District includes:  Ore City, Tatum, Union Grove, Elysian Fields, Waskom, New Diana, and Jefferson.  This will be our toughest track meet of the season! I want to go out undefeated!

We will have Girls JV, 8th and 7th grade at this meet.  The 8th graders will start with the High Jump, Shot and the 2400 m run at 4pm.   We will follow the 7th grade/JV with the Pole Vault, Triple Jump and Discus.  The Long Jump will be last.

Please bring water, snack, etc. and your WO sweats and possibly a blanket.  We should finish about 8:30-45.   Parents may sign their students out with me after they have finished their events.  I need all track uniforms turned in by Friday.

District Team is:

Shot – Emma, Morgan-Taylor, Lexi

Discus – Morgan-Taylor, Courtney, Mackenzie

Long Jump – Taylor, Brooklyn, Emma

Triple Jump – Sabrina, Brooklyn, Miranda

Pole Vault – Kate, Kyla, Alyia

High Jump – Sabrina, Cayman, Madi   (girls remind us to bring the HJ bar)

2400 m Run – Shaynee, Sydney, Madi

4 x 100 Relay – Brooklyn, Sabrina, Lacey, Taylor

800 M Run – Mollie, Jaylen, Luisa

100 M Run- Lacey, Madi, Miranda

100 M Hurdles – Katie, Shea, Jessica

4 x 200 Relay – Brooklyn, Sabrina, Victoria, Taylor

400 M Run – Shaynee, Luisa, Emma

300 M Hurdles – Katie, Jaylen, Shea

200 M Run – Miranda, Victoria, Cayman

1200 M Run – Shaynee, Sydney, Mollie

4 x 400 M Relay – Brooklyn, Sabrina, Victoria, Taylor

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April 7th, 2014

Monday is the boy’s District Track meet in Union Grove.  I will be going to help work the track meet for them.  I would really like for the relays to stay and practice hand offs for a little after school and field event people to stay for a little while and work on their events.  However, this is weather permitting!  High School Coaches should be at the track after school.

Our Distract Track meet is on Tuesday in Union Grove, starting at 4pm. More about this meet to come.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Track Pictures Friday

April 3rd, 2014

I will hand out picture forms today.  Track pictures will be tomorrow at 2:45.  We will have practice till 4:30 on Friday.

Several girls are having points taken off their Athletic grade because they are forgetting their athletic clothes and not working out.  Please remember tops need to be a White Oak shirt, maroon preferable, and black shorts.

Have a great day.




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Practice Today ~ Monday

March 31st, 2014

There will be practice today till 4:30.  Those who wish to stay and work on field events may until 5pm.

Tuesday and Wednesday ~ I would like the girls to stay till 4:30pm.  I know we are STAAR TESTING but we have district next week.  If your child needs to rest and study I understand and that is fine.  Just have your daughter let me know.  If they can stay till 4:30 it would greatly appreciated.

Thursday there is a HS track meet here.  I think it would be great for the girls to watch this meet.  This is not mandatory.

Friday we will have practice again till 4:30.

Have a good week and good luck with all the girls on their STAAR test!!

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March 28th, 2014

There will be no practice today.  We will practice on Monday till 4:30, no practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week.  Thursday will be the Atkins Relays here at White Oak for the High School team.  I would like for the girls to stay and watch if at all possible.  This is not mandatory.  We will have practice on Friday of next week till 4:30.

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